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Hotel Management Interview Questions

  • Hotel management refers to professional management techniques used in the hospitality sector. People who are at this position are responsible for hotel administration, accounts maintenance, marketing, housekeeping, front office, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance.

    Interview is a two way communication process between a potential interviewer and a prospective interviewee. In this article I would mainly provide you some interview questions that are frequently asked in interviews for this post.

    1. Why did you join this sector?
    Convince the interviewers that you are made for the hotel industry and the hotel industry is made for you. It is a good opportunity for you to explain the extensive process of research and education that you have undertaken. Tell them about your strengths and how you match up with this job. Tell your interviewers that it is a dynamic sector that is growing at a rapid pace and you want to be in the middle of the boom, the excitement and the energy.

    2. How do you handle irritating and angry customers or clients?
    It is a little bit tricky question. The interviewer wants to check your conflict resolution ability. Just tell them that you manage customer complaints without being dominated. Also state that you do not get over-whelmed by a disapproving customer.

    3. What is the meaning of “No of Pax” in hotel management field?
    The abbreviation for “No of Pax” is number of passengers.  It means total number of guest staying either in room or number of guest present in any outlet.

    4. What do you do in your idle time?
    This question is basically asked to know your interest and hobbies. You can impress an interviewer by your answer. You should highlight activities you enjoy that demonstrate your versatile, recharging and an outgoing personality.

    5. How do you feel about working alone in the night shift?
    Please give an honest answer to this question. Do not try to please the interviewer by hiding truth. I you do not like to work in night then tell the interviewer that you only want a day shift position.

    6. What salary range are you looking for?
    I am interested in finding a job that is a good fit for me. I am sure whatever salary you are paying is consistent with the rest of the market. I think you have a good idea of what this position is worth to your company.

    Well these are some very important questions that are asked in interviews for this post and I am certain that my article would surely help you to answer them with great confidence.

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