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Underwriter Interview Questions

  • An underwriter is an intermediary between an issuer of a security and the investing public, usually an investment bank. He or she is a person who accesses any investment plan and evaluates degree of risk involved in it. He or she also analyzes a loan risk, pay stubs, bank statements and loan applicant’s financial status.

    Interview is a recruitment process in which interviewer asks questions related to the job from the interviewee. Underwriter’s jobs are in huge demand nowadays with each and every industry. Below are some interview questions which are frequently asked to underwriters in interviews:

    1. What is the job of an underwriter?
    Simply list the duties of an underwriter. An underwriter is a person who administers the public issuance and distribution of securities from a corporation or other issuing body. He or she works closely with the issuing body to determine the offering price of the securities. He buys the securities from the issuer and sells them to investors via the distribution network.

    2. Tell me about your professional experience.

    Just give a detail of your experience in all key areas of the underwriting role. Clearly tell the interviewer, the scale of risk, type of clients and the level of seniority with which you have operated in your previous job. List the activities which you use to carry out.

    3. State some of your skills?
    It is a golden chance for you to shine. This answer to this question can make you different from others. Tell the interviewer that you have excellent communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills. You have the ability to learn fast and adapt to the changes. State that you are keen to develop knowledge and understanding of underwriting. A good and planned answer can impress the interviewer.

    4. Why should we select you for the post of underwriter?
    I am the right person for this job. I will bring to your organization my technical know-how as well as my functional expertise which will bring success to your organization.

    5. What do you think are the challenges of working in this industry?
    Tell your interviewer that the competition is immense and cut throat. The time and money management are the most challenging issues in the industry. You have to be always on your toes while working in this industry.

    It is very essential to be prepared for an interview. During the course of an interview, you may be asked various questions. Just one bad answer can stand out and cost you the job. Make sure that you are well prepared and have good answers to the typical interview questions.

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